"Vital Pyramid Store"


Piramicasa's Professional Team and the Osiris Group neither have relation nor propitiate mystical matters nor prophetic, religious, political or pseudo esoteric. Our aims are purely scientific and to the margin of the activities or the particular beliefs of its executives, partners and clients.

High-quality aluminum pyramids

Welcome! Thanks for shopping. Our prices include shipping and are relative; therefore, they will vary from country to country and from region to region. Please contact us for the final cost of the pyramid of your choice. Thank you.

Any material used in the manufacture of pyramids will produce an effect if given the conditions of proportion, orientation, etc. Still, like anything that works, the use of inappropriate material can cause harm.

The Materials for pyramids to be used by living beings must be exclusively paramagnetic and with a high degree of purity. (absence of ferromagnetic and diamagnetic materials.)

Paramagnetic materials can be used alone or combined. Piramicasa manufactures only high-purity aluminum pyramids.