Pyramids for rent.

Many people have contacted me, offering a partnership to build pyramids for rent. They have the land, and we have the knowledge, but money is always the issue.

Our pyramids are expensive. They aren't pipes for joining or cheap aluminum beams. However, most of what the client pays is shipping because of the size and weight of the package (usually a shipping container.) A paramagnetic pyramid with enough density, almost 52 degrees of inclination of its walls, well oriented to the magnetic north, and no significant magnetic anomalies in the place, is what makes a pyramid therapeutic, but the percentage of paramagnetism and the density (relation between size and weight) of the pyramid is what makes a "perfect pyramid."

My point with this is that you can build pyramids to rent for a third of the costs of our pyramids. You can hire our services of Scientific Assistance and Material Contribution, without the material contribution.

I'm going to use my currency as an example because I'm in Canada.

If I hire Piramicasa's Services, a Sekhmet for Canada, it will cost me about C$60,000 to have the container on my land. To this, I have to add about C$30,000 to buy the rest of the materials and finishings locally.

But if you want to rent pyramids as cabins, they don't need to have closets, a bathroom, shower, partitions, or an expensive interior finishing, which all of this is most of the C$30,000, including labor. (Detailed on the Blueprints)

I know it looks weird or even bad that I'm telling you all this, but our main goal is to fill the world with pyramids, perfect pyramids, made with responsibility. You can build pyramids out of wood. In this case, we will assist you in the type of wood and everything involved in its construction from start to finish.

One reason we use aluminum of high purity is that it lasts almost forever, different from wood that lasts only a few years before it starts to lose "power" and eventually stops working because the same wood deforms by the pyramid effect. When I say "a few years," I mean about 10 to 15 years on that size of pyramid.

I have a project on my own. I'm planning to invest in 1 or 2 pyramids to start, made of wood, under Piramicasa's protocols. In 10 years, I should recover my investment and build a few more pyramids; then, I can decide if I upgrade one by one to aluminum or give them maintenance by changing parts. I want to build a Pyramid Village.

This is a site you can visit if you need an investor in Canada or the US:

So, as you see, it is possible to start a business renting perfect pyramids as cabins. Let me know if we can Assist you.


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