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About Us

Researching the "Pyramid Effect" since 1973, and building since 2001. We CERTIFY in writing the quality of our products.


Our Beloved Piramicasa (Vital Pyramid), founded by Viky Sánchez and Gabriel Silva in 2001, consists of a set of Intellectual Rights registered in several countries. The philosophy that led them to create it was very clear: Work for the New Humanity but necessarily based on market rules. It wouldn't be possible otherwise in a capitalist world.


Our products are partially handmade, although we can offer them industrially. We have the capability in Europe to offer products like the Pyramidbed and Pyramidhouse in the quantity you like, thanks to the companies we hire for each part of the realization. Piramicasa has represented a significant challenge since it was developed by a multidisciplinary Scientific and Technical Team. Recently, market experts joined. The Osiris Team, which gives scientific support to our advances, is formed by more than forty professionals living in Spain, Cuba, Nicaragua, Colombia, Peru, Mexico, Venezuela, Costa Rica, USA, Canada, Argentina, Brazil, and France, and with many collaborators in other countries, with support from five direct associate collaborators, and with representatives in several countries.


Piramicasa is not a commercial "company," it's not to "make money," but to produce a technological revolution that is already underway, in conjunction with other technical and scientific developers. Piramicasa legally works and invoices with different names. We have intellectual rights records in five countries and an industrial matrix in Argentina, Brazil, and Spain. Basic materials are produced in Germany, France, and Spain for Europe and in other countries for America.


Any material used in the manufacture of pyramids will produce an effect if given the conditions of proportion, orientation, etc. BUT, like anything that works, the use of inappropriate material can cause harm. Making homemade pyramids is only safe if you have been well instructed in all aspects and have the right materials.


The pyramid is an apparatus, besides being a small-scale toy. Making a homemade pyramid for experiments is easy. However, a proper one for sleeping like our Pyramidbed is not something simple and more difficult still to make it safe, and guarantee the absence of undesirable effects in the medium and long-term.

The Materials for pyramids to be used by living beings must be exclusively paramagnetic and with a high degree of purity. (absence of ferromagnetic and diamagnetic materials.)

Paramagnetic materials can be used alone or combined. Piramicasa manufactures only high-purity aluminum pyramids.

Our products, like any innovation, have obstacles that we overcome step by step, thanks to dozens of collaborators and thousands of users who have trusted in us.

Pyramids were, are, and will be very revitalizing therapeutic chambers. Their effects have purely physical causes. They are not tombs but devices that treat and prevent several diseases. You can live or sleep in a "perfect" pyramid; they are the best remedy for any flu and many other rheumatic, sclerotic, traumatic, and physiological diseases.

"Pyramid energy" is terrestrial magnetism modified by the pyramidal form. Some ascertainments require from a simple to a quantum laboratory. Its research has demanded significant amounts of financial investments and the lifetime work of many.

The pyramid forms a "vortex," that causes particles to move within the pyramidal magnetic field with a centrifugal tendency. Then, the atomic tension of the center of the pyramid is centripetal and tends to be negative. That quantum "negativity" attracts neutrinos, which are absorbed by the atoms of the exposed bodies (materials, humans, etc.). These atoms complete and recover mass, thus form more stable molecules. That is why organic decomposition and oxidation of biological or inert materials, are inhibited.

Plus, in the pyramidal magnetic field, the particles move faster than in any other magnetic field of any form. Thus, free radicals and any "loose" atoms are drag outward. Oxidation decreases, as explained in the previous paragraph, but also by the absence of free radicals.

Pyramidotherapy may not be the absolute Panacea, but it's the closest thing to it.




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