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High-Quality Aluminum Pyramids

We CERTIFY in writing the quality of our Pyramids.

Any material used in the manufacture of pyramids will produce an effect if given the conditions of proportion, orientation, etc.

BUT, like anything that works, the use of inappropriate material can cause harm.


✠ Pyramids Hygia & Horus ✠

Made with the same beams as the Pyramidbed; this size represents a high density pyramid, which ensures treatments of extreme effectiveness.

✠ Pyramid Pyramidbed ✠

Antirheumatic, Bacteriostatic, Anti-age, Antioxidant, Relaxant, Antistress, Anti-inflammatory.


✠ Pyramid Hercules ✠

Effective treatment against rheumatic, sclerotic, fibromyalgia and infectious diseases including severe sepsis, high antioxidant power, deep muscular relaxation (four times more powerful than the Standard Pyramidbed)

✠ Pyramid Sekhmet ✠

Installed as an option for families to spend the weekend in their country house, as a guest house, in large numbers can form a complex of bungalows to exploit commercially or to improve people's health as a therapeutic center.


✠ Pyramid Vital ✠

The pyramid house is ecological, built with renewable materials such as wood, and the non-renewable part (aluminum) is of unlimited duration. Extremely resistant to earthquakes, much more than any other form of construction.

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