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✠ Pyramid Sekhmet ✠

Installed as an option for families to spend the weekend in their country house, as a guest house, in large numbers can form a complex of bungalows to exploit commercially or to improve people's health as a therapeutic center.


The Pyramids model Sekhmet can be 5x5 or 6x6 meters (25 or 36 m², little difference of price).

Pyramid Sekhmet: €33000

NOTE: Our prices are orientative, they don't include shipping costs.

  • Shipping will variate from country to country and from region to region.

  • Our prices do not include importation tax that the client may have to pay in some cases.

Please contact us for a final price.


1) Pyramidal structure in aluminum of extreme metallic purity.

2) Grill of Discharge or Control System of Effects.

3) Right Soldering machine for our aluminum.

4) Detailed blueprints for construction, electrical, etc.


  • We also provide the client with online research of materials and labor in the area to know the Pyramid's total cost according to the client's requirements such as Jacuzzi, windows, blinds, or other accessories, Jacuzzi only in the model of 36 m². It can also be prepared to be converted into Faraday Cage, against electromagnetic solar storms, etc.

    Time: The pyramid can be assembled one week after the base is built. Approximate construction time: 30 days (depending on weather and construction options).


Example of an estimate of labor and materials for the client to buy and hire locally:


Base: 1800 euros
Structure welding: 2650 euros (material and labor)
15 mm exterior marine board: 3650 euros
Internal tongue and groove or phenolic: 3650 euros
Special silicone outer cover in two layers: 2200 euros
Thermo-acoustic insulation between surfaces: 1100 euros
Windows, doors, and interior partitions: 1650 euros
Electrical and sanitary installation (labor and appliances): 2000 euros
Total carpentry labor: 4450 euros

Total labor and materials: 23150 euros
Vital Pyramid kit (The soul of the Pyramid): 33000 euros
Shipping: 20000 euros
Final cost: 76150 euros

The construction of pyramids is a technical and medical responsibility.

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