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Piramicasa's Director Letter

Hello everyone, and welcome to Piramicasa: From the time I was six years old, I began to feel passionate about pyramids, and I knew that they weren't tombs and that they were not only in Egypt.


Also, thanks to my father, an engineer, I understood that the pharaohs couldn't make the construction of pyramids, or at least not with the technology that they were supposed to have. Before I turned 14, theories about pyramids and pyramidal energy flooded my life, and I understood that no theory was enough. I had to go to practice, and I started to make pyramids and do experiments. One hundred pyramids and more than five hundred experiments in ten years. Although I had other vocational interests linked to scientific research, I was defined as a Pyramidologist.


At 24, already in 1984, I had a rheumatic outbreak of galloping progress, and I ended the trance by making the first pyramid for myself. I had cured cats, canaries, bees, and plants of many different species, but I had to try on myself because medicine gave me no alternative to the condemnation of living the rest of my life in a wheelchair. In a few months, my health and my life returned to normal. I then undertook an unprecedented investigation, realizing the extraordinary importance of what was discovered and proven. Two physicists, a mathematician, several biologists, and doctors involved resulted in having in my hands a knowledge impossible to value economically. The costs were high, but the results far exceeded them.


However, I didn't know how to get these wonders known, which I described in great detail in my books. So I searched in vain for someone to make pyramids to deliver the product of this research to Humanity, whether houses, beds, or other functional pyramidal structures. Finally, in 2000 someone put me in touch with Dr. Ulises Sosa Salinas, and I learned that Cuban doctors had been treating patients for several years with pyramids. But in 2001, thanks to a conversation with this eminent doctor, I had to accept the idea that no one had put so much effort or lifetime dedication into the research, nor all his economic resources of a lifetime, so I couldn't pretend that another person will create Piramicasa with the same passion. The only way was to change all my professional activities, set aside all my talents in other activities to start working with Piramicasa. A formidable challenge for anyone with more than forty years and no commercial experience outside of mining, exploration, arts (singing and painting), and psychotherapy. I only had the unconditional support of my wife, Viky Sánchez, and we decided to create Piramicasa. Then a few friends who share this responsibility on the pyramid theme joined. However, given the difficulties in making everyone change their homes, we had to get pyramidal energy to any home. In fact, we had been sleeping in a pyramid for two years, so we set out to improve the Pyramidbed product. Inventing the pyramidal bed was a great success, but it was necessary to guarantee the absence of undesirable effects produced by regular aluminum and any ferromagnetic or diamagnetic material. After months of searching, we obtained an aluminum formulated and extruded exclusively according to our guidelines, and we began to offer it. Making wooden pyramids was less ecological and of limited duration, somewhat inconsistent with our philosophy. Those of high purity aluminum have innumerable advantages and last forever.


Today, thousands of friends, users, collaborators, and scientists are interested in growing Piramicasa. It's enough to sleep a few weeks in a Pyramidbed to treat a serious infection or heal a severe sprain with a pyramid in just two days, to verify that I'm not exaggerating about the importance of what we do. Today we manufacture Perfect Pyramids that we install or ship worldwide. Bacteria and rheumatic ailments have ceased to be a concern for Us.


Thanks to all who support us in this growth stage, my gratitude and from our entire team, to those who trust in Piramicasa, because thanks to them, is that Pyramidology is known around the world.


UPDATE: In 2019, more than one hundred countries where Pyramidology is known, and therapists, doctors, and private users continue to increase.


Piramicasa Gabriel Silva

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