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✠ Pyramids Hygia & Horus ✠

Made with the same beams as the Pyramidbed, in these two sizes, represents high-density pyramids, which guarantees treatments of extreme effectiveness in accidental and chronic atrophies of the locomotor apparatus, local antirheumatic treatment, inflammations of different etiology, bacteriosis, etc. We have documented experiences of septicemia and necrosis successfully treated using only one pyramid Hygia.


While the Hygia is used more in therapy centers since it allows treating larger areas and volumes, such as intestinal infections, gangrene, etc., the Horus, although it can do the same in most patients, is more portable for therapies at the patients home.


The Hygia is usually difficult to move, while the Horus fits well in any car trunk.

Horus: €750  -  Hygia: €860

NOTE: Our prices are orientative, they don't include shipping costs.

  • Shipping will variate from country to country and from region to region.

  • Our prices do not include importation tax that the client may have to pay in some cases.

Please contact us for a final price.


1) Pyramidal structure in aluminum of extreme metallic purity and with more silica. Beams 3 mm thick and 100 mm wing, at perfect angles (not just assembled pipes). The Hygia is 80x80 cm and weighs 10 kg, and the Horus is 60 cm and 6.7 kg.


2) Parts and accessories of assembly: Basic Manual of Pyramidology, Certificate of Guarantee, a manual riveter, all necessary rivets, compass, and four orgonites.

Hygia and Horus pyramids are used for local treatment therapies, especially using the ANTIPYRAMID.

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