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Pyramid Therapists

We have an excellent group of architects, and we can build medical offices, operating rooms, hospitals, and Therapeutic Centers in any part of the world, combining health and hospitality.


We study the geobiological conditions of the places, determine the basic costs, and adjust the budget according to the general idea of our clients.


Some hotels and traditional houses already have PyramidBeds and pyramids Hércules.


Pyramidal therapy centers are still few, except in Cuba, but little by little holistic therapists are realizing the powerful and beneficial effects of the pyramids on health. In Cuba, doctors have treated and treat thousands of patients successfully.


Therapeutic Center AURORA - Nicaragua

The Aurora Center of Nicaragua is the first Therapeutic Center of these characteristics. Its consultation room is a pyramid Sekhmet

Mark Pulido performs comprehensive harmonization therapies with special flat bells, called "Bilas." We have witnessed its wonderful sound effects on a physical, psychic and spiritual level.


His work incorporates the pyramidal effect, which achieves a revitalization and vibrational harmonization from the physical body to the subtle ones.


Not even the best sound equipment can do what is produced there, so do not pretend to perceive more than a vague idea of this extraordinary therapeutic combination. Visit Khyma


Therapeutic Center KHYMA - Catalonia (Spain)


Leganes Therapeutic Center - Madrid (Spain)

Personalized therapies, applying what is needed at each moment and situation, each individual: the assessment and testing through Hunter and Bioplasm, the therapeutic approach with frequencies, Rife, Miliondas, Pyramids, Reiki, biological decoding (transgenerational study, sense project), bio psychic harmonization with Tibetan bowls, binaural sounds Hemi-Sync and Brain-Sync. Learn more.

Antahkarana Therapeutic Center - Valencia (Spain)

In Valencia, the holistic therapist Amparo Vilanova performs a complete therapeutic procedure, including Reiki, neuro-linguistic deprogramming, reflexology, biodecoding, and pyramidotherapy.

See more about Antahkarana Centro


El Despertar Therapeutic Center - Valencia (Spain)

In Valencia, the shop and herbalist "EL DESPERTAR" not only has a very special assortment of natural products for alternative medicine, with an immense therapeutic "arsenal," with many years of practice, long professional experience, and research of holistic therapy, kinesiology, pyramid therapy, etc.


T.I.P.I. Therapeutic Center - Catalonia (Spain)

Therapist Camilo Candel, who graduated in Naturopathy from the University El Escorial - María Cristina, has been applying the most diverse therapeutic forms with patients of all ages and treating the most varied ailments for forty years. His experience has been completed over time and with a wide scientific criterion applied to research, which in recent years has covered Pyramidotherapy, combined with the Indiba method, while still using all of the multiple therapeutic tools learned over decades. 

See more about T.I.P.I.


Sebastian Viles Therapeutic Center - Lleida (Spain)

Therapist Sebastian Viles has been practicing since 2000, with an important therapeutic arsenal, experience in combined techniques, deep knowledge of the human body and its energetic variables. Since 2019 he has applied pyramid therapy combined with his knowledge.

See more about Sebastian Viles.


ITHACA Therapeutic Center - Madrid (Spain)


Juán Donate Therapeutic Center - Albacete (Spain)

Therapist Juán Donate specializes in magnetotherapy, expanding his therapeutic arsenal to various techniques, including a fundamental ally, pyramid therapy.

More about Juán Donate.

El Rincón del Alma Therapeutic Center - Madrid (Spain)

BEATRIZ GARCÍA - Holistic therapist


Alfredo Martín Therapeutic Center - Madrid (Spain)

Kinesiology - Osteopathy - Bach Flowers - Acupuncture - Acupuncture - Acupuncture - Auriculopuncture - Reiki - Nutrition - Therapeutic Massage - Oligotherapy - Chromotherapy - Foot Reflexology - Sports Performance - Stem Cell Regeneration

Karl and Ania Therapeutic Center - Barcelona (Spain)

Karl and Ania have a Horus model pyramid and the knowledge necessary to use it correctly among their arsenal of therapeutic resources.


Marcelo Begoechea Therapeutic Center - Buenos Aires (Argentina)

Kinesiologist, Clinical and Holistic Therapist.

Julio Ceres Therapeutic Center - Santa Fé (Argentina)


Gabriel García Therapeutic Center - (France)

Randall Sánchez Therapeutic Center - (Costa Rica)

Pyramidal Integration, Amma Massage, Emotional Release - Advanced Researcher of Alternative Therapies

More about Randall

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