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Concatenation with Pyramids


When a pyramid is placed inside another, some curiosities happen that apply to lumbosciatic accidents and other circumstances. Although they haven't shown enough results to manufacture "Concatenated Pyramids" (what we call "Inner Pyramidal Concatenation"), at least it deserves to continue with the experimentation, we may discover more practical application since it has aspects little explored. However, with powerful models, without concatenation, we achieve satisfactory results such as the disappearance of sclerosis and rheumatism of any etiology, without compromising the comfort for the user.


However, we know that the power multiplies whenever is a good metal conductor, be it Ferro, Dia, or Paramagnetic. Still, we haven't made quantum measurements but guided by experiments on the biological time of organic action, which isn't the same as inert matter. The water takes the same time for optimal tension-activation of its atoms in any model of pyramid of medium power (three days to be optimized and 17 days to complete the tension-activation process). In more powerful models, the process is faster. However, the water doesn't present significant differences, but these last much longer once it achieves the molecular qualities. The same happens with potent concatenated pyramids. With meat and vegetables, the mummification is faster and also maintains the state of no putrefaction indefinitely.


It seems a bit subjective because we have also achieved that with simple pyramids and sufficient time of permanence, but it's due to variables that sometimes aren't considered, such as a geobiological situation or water quality. With more experiments, we are increasing the multiple utilities of the pyramidal effect, applicable to therapies, agriculture, etc. In the case of pyramids in inner concatenation, the effect of the smaller pyramid becomes much more powerful, but we haven't yet determined the difference in a table of measures. However, it will be in practical function according to the time of the effects; we calculate that between five and ten times more, empirically. Experiments of Measurement are more complex and usually not necessary in the therapeutic field. Still, they will be required in industrial applications, such as mummified meat that will be perfectly edible even if years pass.


In this example of pyramidal concatenation using a Pyramidbed and a Horus model, he got rid of the consequences of a lumbosciatic accident in a couple of sessions. No antibiotics, analgesics, or anti-inflammatories, only a proper pyramidal concatenation to increase (accelerate) the already incredible effect of the pyramids. Another important aid to reduce and almost eliminate lumbosciatic problems is the simple Su-Jok technique.

In combined pyramids (aluminum and organic material such as wood and or resin), we get less power (measured in time of effect) but better organic conditions. The problem is that to make them like that, combined, is technically complicated and very expensive. However, the same is achieved with a simple pyramid. Moreover, in case of an emergency (severe rheumatism, sclerosis, etc.), the closed pyramid (Hercules) acts almost four times faster than the standard structural pyramid (Pyramidbed). Therefore, we continue experimenting with concatenations.

I have written very little about concatenation, but the subject gives for a lot more. Some time ago, I designed a model to do a lot of experiments in this regard, especially with Inner Concatenation, which would be the most practical. There are also Lateral Concatenations (side by side), divided into Cardinal Concatenations (North-South) and Lateral Concatenations (East-West). In the Cardinals division, the one on the North intensifies if located in the planet's Southern Hemisphere.

The Lateral concatenation is more potent than the Cardinal in the strip between the parallels 30º South and North. Still, we only had a couple of months with not very precise experiments on this topic because the laboratory was only 700 km from the equator, and the priority was on the biological for me and the quantum and molecular for the physicists.


So, there is an inner concatenation (one pyramid inside another), vertical concatenation (one over the other), longitudinal concatenation (North-South), and lateral concatenation (East-West). It can be more than two pyramids. Experimenting on all modes of concatenation is a field of exploration very curious, fun, and little common.


On lateral concatenation, the one on the West strengthens in that strip, but the difference isn't considerable unless we want to make great pyramids like Egypt's.


In small sizes, it's difficult to orient them well; they tend to deform, too weak to achieve visible results, affected by weaker geopathies, they have to be away from metal masses.


As is logical, you will not mummify a steak with a Horus of 50 or 60 cm (5 and 6.7 Kg, respectively). Still, you can mummify a good piece of meat and even a hamburger or more with a Pyramidbed because although the relative density is smaller, it's always covering a complete Hartmann grid.


Piramicasa Gabriel Silva

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