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Facts of Meditation in a Pyramid

Like a fridge, a TV, or an oven, the pyramid offers specific services; either of these devices provides many different uses. We can't mix them and cook in the fridge, tune the television in the oven or refrigerate on tv. With the pyramids, some people claim functions that, although they could be performed under certain conditions, don't correspond to their designed use. The pyramid indeed helps meditation and other psychic activities, but everything has its way, its technique. It's not a matter of getting into the pyramid, and after ten minutes, have a "mystical experience" or "enlightenment," or in a few days "connect with the extraterrestrial brothers."


Without entering into what may eventually occur within the surprising phenomena of the pyramids, what we investigate is of an organic, physiological, and therapeutic benefit. From this, better conditions arise to perform any psychic, mental or spiritual practice, and sometimes these occur earlier than expected for various reasons; but to pretend that the pyramid is only an instrument of meditation is like saying that the television only serves to watch football, or that a kitchen can only serve to heat water.

A friend told me something that other people already said to me about meditating in a pyramid. He used to do his "meditations" before starting to sleep in a pyramid, and now he can't perform them because he falls asleep, or "the mind doesn't take me anywhere," he said. His statement caught my attention because the mind is not the one who decides "where to go," it's an instrument as a dashboard of the CONSCIENCE, but she, the Consciousness (and not the mind) is the focus of our Being, is who must decide "where to go."


Asking about what kind of meditations he performed, by his description, I fund that it's not any form of MEDITATION, but something that many people think it is, they practice it daily, and it's nothing more than a pseudospiritual mental masturbation, which advanced yogis call "mayainani," that is to say dangerous (or harmful) illusion, and in psychology, we call it "oniria" or daydream.


These supposed meditations or false "spiritual exercises" are nothing new, only now with the wrong name of "meditations." Still, they are always called "ONIRIAS," self-induced dreams, wanderings directed by the subconscious, processes semi-conscious imagination, in which INTELLIGENCE and SELF-ASSISTANCE rarely apply. In these states, it's when the highest percentage of cases of "extraterrestrial communication" or with angels exists because archetypes and desires manifest more clearly, and the person tends to confuse them with "extrasensory" or parapsychological experiences.


The MOST IMPORTANT MEDITATION is the PSYCHOLOGICAL and doesn't require a pyramid. However, it helps a lot in any process, but this is a process of permanent self-monitoring that we must establish continuously, to be increasingly aware at all times and places, discover and eliminate our "psychological personalities," from observing the emotional motivations of our actions, and then install in our mind the true aspects of the Real Self, and not only when we are in the pyramid. Of course, that and other psychic, mental, and intellectual activities benefit from the pyramid, but the ONIRIAS can't succeed unless you have sleep enough, so they would be better in the morning and not at night; however, they shouldn't be performed because they leave nothing positive. It's much better to use that energy in creative activities, make designs of something that can be done, plan useful activities for one and others, direct the visualization on something coherent instead of leaving the mind to the uncertainties of its openings.


The pyramid, among other benefits, produces muscular and nervous relaxation, then those "loose" mental activities such as dreams, without that nervous tone typical of intellectual processes, become diffuse; Thus, the dream ends as soon as it begins, and the person falls asleep. The same happens in other activities if you are very tired; therefore, you have to find the right time for everything.


Meditation in a pyramid improves organic factors, brain irrigation, increased bioenergetic field...


In the processes in which intelligence (especially creative intelligence) has its fundamental role, the pyramid is the best place for its development. Therefore, positive and intellectual psychic activities are carried out thanks to the main physiological effects of the pyramids, such as nervous and muscular relaxation.


If we try these activities after the adventures of the day, the pyramid will not help us much, and the same happens with the onirias because we will tend to fall asleep. Keep in mind that one of the most excellent benefits of pyramids in this regard is the correction of sleep disorders, even when they are chronic. Therefore, these psychic and intellectual activities must be carried out when our body isn't tired, preferably in the morning, having enough sleep, when our body is still very relaxed, but our mind begins to work. The mind has somewhat different biorhythms from those of the body, so - except for rare exceptions - a couple of hours after waking up, it has its most excellent activity, while the body has it between four and eight hours later.


The best time to meditate, think objectively, plan, visualize, or any other psychic activity is two hours after waking up. But in the pyramid, people who can't take advantage of that schedule for work or other obligations may still do so immediately after waking up, with much more benefit than at night, when both the body and the mind are demanding rest. The pyramid gives this rest a much better environment. Still, we can't ask the pyramid to allow us to enter the deep relaxation phase with intense mental work simultaneously.


Some curious experiences also occur when sleeping in the pyramid; we don't live very stressed due to a higher brain production of alpha waves, which determines a softer passage to deep sleep, completing the biorhythmic process better than anywhere else. Still, we suggest that when going to sleep, try not to think about material things or problems of any kind, but surrender to the Soul itself, to the Spiritual self to direct our dream and our life the next day and every day. Sleeping in this way, unplugging from everyday life, we get much more than I can explain here.


VERY IMPORTANT: "ONIRIAS" consumes as much energy as any intellectual work, only without any fruit other than hedonism and the supposed communications with extraterrestrial beings and extradimensional entities. I'm not saying that these things aren't possible, but the pyramid has much better functions. In the psychic, nothing good is achieved without mental discipline, just as the pyramid won't deliver all its advantages without a minimum of attention to what PIRAMICASA teaches through our websites and books.


A relaxed hug


Piramicasa Gabriel Silva

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