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Health Benefits from Pyramids

The meticulous work carried out by Cuban doctors, orthopedists, engineers, beekeepers, and veterinarians, as well as our own experiments, opened up extraordinary horizons. However, we offer a simple product, of which we only mention its main effects of higher demand in the market.

Piramicasa provides to clients detailed scientific information on the treatment of rheumatism, arthritis, osteoarthritis, multiple sclerosis, muscular relaxation, massage with pyramids application, applied physiotherapy with pyramids, etc. Our guaranty aims to treat diseases caused by free radicals, bacteria, and molecular malformation of water and organic liquids, such as rheumatic, some myelitis, degenerative, ulcerative colitis (Crohn's disease), psoriasis, etc., more than half of the ailments of a human being.

Among the best results are in the treatment of rheumatic diseases and intestinal problems, caused by bacterial infections. There are cases of notable correction and regulation of blood pressure, immune system, and endocrine, achieving even slimming and anti-lithiasis effects. As an anti-aging element, the pyramid has demonstrated its qualities in insects, plants, and small animals, significantly prolonging their average life span, with excellent sanitary conditions.

Our clients, as well as pyramid-therapists, will have, like all of us who use them, the most important benefits of a technology barely known to mainstream science. It's been proven for decades by thousands of people from around the world with 
certified effects from the academic and sanitary Cuban authorities.

Pyramid energy, whether in an antirheumatic bed or a pyramidal house made by us, is not a myth; there are no "mysteries." But, it has guidelines of orgone, geobiology, and physics that must be known. Our particular users, such as physiotherapists, should know and understand at least the main aspects of our products. In pyramidal architecture are many more factors of geobiology to consider than in traditional construction if we want to achieve those antirheumatic effects. 

The vitality that brings both the pyramid effect and the orgone energy that we handle in these constructions and their accessories, is still a replica of what Nature performs in the microcosm. Those interested in delving into this subject can better understand it by studying books on pyramidology, as well as knowing that all the effects of the pyramids are in the very molecule of water. Not all benefits are derived from this aspect, but the vast majority of them are due to the molecular re-composition of water to its optimal condition of symmetry.

See images of a post-operative pyramidal treatment

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