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AIDS Treated with Pyramids


Pyramidotherapy may not be the absolute Panacea. But it's the closest thing to it. We believe that it represents a definitive cure for AIDS and we are sure of not generating false expectations, after fifteen years of research and follow-up not only on the effects of the pyramid but also on all available information on AIDS, the non-existent virus.

AIDS is one of the most aberrant lies of the disease market, to say that it's incurable or make it look like that, it's a bigger aberration. The disease exists, yes, but not produced by any virus. To say that the virus could not be isolated, having tools such as scanning electron microscopes, quantum counters that for some decades allowed us to know how many neutrinos are in a cubic centimeter, It's like not be able to find the elephant under the bed. A virus has at least a few dozens of atoms, the most dangerous are complex, with a few thousand molecules.

As the name says: "Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome." It doesn't imply the action of any virus.

The syndrome can be due to an infinite number of factors:

1) Antibiotic abuse.
2) Sexually promiscuous life.
3) Alcohol and or drug abuse.
4) Various negative emotional factors.
5) Inherited deficiencies.
6) A bad diet that involves avitaminosis and other deficiencies.
7) Specific endocrine dysfunctions (especially of the thymus and adrenal glands)
8) Combination of two or more previous factors.

The main medicine supposedly against AIDS has been denounced by a lot of doctors, chemists, and biologists in the US, as initially formulated as poison to kill rats.

There were from bitter arguments to widespread punches at various medical congresses regarding AIDS, but HIV, a killer virus, is still missing. Since in Cuba all experiments with pyramids and everything that works under the strictest scientific norms, without the interference of international interests of the pharmacopeia, it's very rare to find a case of AIDS, and if it appears, instead of antibiotics and rat poison (AZT), they treat it with pyramids and natural medication (phytotherapy).

The first cases reported as AIDS didn't die of a "weird virus," but of Kaposi's Sarcoma or Pneumocystis Carini, but they could die of anything, even flu. A person who sleeps or lives in a Perfect Pyramid (Properly built and oriented) can not contract diseases caused by bacteria. With an elemental understanding of the pyramidal effect, we can agree that AIDS can't take place when there is no proliferation of saprophyte bacteria.




AIDS exists, but HIV does not. It's not known what the real causes are, however, it's known that there are acquired immunodeficiencies in many ways: Any venereal disease that remains in lethargy, food deficiencies, specific probiotic deficiencies, avitaminosis, and a long etcetera. But in every case, what kills, are diseases that an atrophied immune system can't fight. We have verified with long experience since 1999 that a user of pyramids can't contract flu or any bacterial infection. Even severe salmonellosis.

We know that viruses need a large bacterial lysate to be able to reproduce by taking advantage of the genetic material that bacteria release upon dying. In an optimized organism that works by the highly solvent quality of water in the blood, as well as the regulated homeostasis by the molecular optimization of all the organs, cells, etc., from molecular optimization of all compounds, until the quantum completeness of atoms of all elements, dead cells and bacteria are eliminated very quickly, without giving time to viral opportunism. Therefore, even if there were HIV or any other undetectable "bug," it would be no opportunity for it to thrive and reproduce.

A user of a Pyramidbed doesn't need medical knowledge of any kind to take advantage of pyramidal energy. But Dr. Ulises Sosa Salinas and I (Gabriel Silva) have written many books, and we continue to write to report on this research that continues, although what's achieved so far is extraordinary. The pyramid has more applications than we could imagine until a few years ago.

Piramicasa Gabriel Silva

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