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Antiaging Benefit with Pyramids


We say the pyramid manages to "lengthen life" And we don't exaggerate. Not only do we speak of something that is unquestionably proven from the experimental, and scientifically certified effects also known from its biological and quantum causes, despite the "term" or no economic interest from the political-economic system of today's world.

There are many new "antiaging" therapies, but almost all are risky because they are chemical-based "patches," except for "sports" (the most compatible with our products.) The best antiaging treatment is provided by the pyramid, which without undermining the importance of proper nutrition and medical control, focuses on improving the quality of life by protecting health from the effects of almost all the known infectious bacteria, as well as a "biomagnetic pair," equilibrium occurs naturally.

Aging is something that shouldn't exist, and we all agree in this, not only heterodox anthropologists, geneticists, and many doctors, but also world-renowned scientists such as Aubrey de Gray.

It is an avoidable disease to an extent, and according to many scientists, it will be possible in a few decades to extend life up to a thousand years. Under the light of modern genetics and physical knowledge, it can be true without falling into science fiction. The Osiris Team endorses these claims, for we have proven over many years and thousands of experiments that prolonging life to almost indefinite levels, would not only be a "return to the natural," but also feasible from every scientific point of view.



Avoiding cellular aging is something partially achieved, but enough to recover health, slowing down the process and rebuilding when there are deficiencies due to functional distortions. In the pyramid, we have managed to double the lifetime of some insects, non-saprophytic microorganisms and triple the life span of some vegetables. Those subjected to specific cycles have given exceptional achievements with their fruits. Our experiments with small animals have been only to heal them.

The pyramid works on the body by the following facts:

1.- Keep water properly structured, more solvent, and less or no oxidizing.
2.- Drastically reduce the risk of infections, thanks to the potent bacteriostatic action.
3.- Create an atmosphere without free radicals, which avoids most of the damage of the DNA, both mitochondrial and nuclear, and the other elements of the cells.
4.- Being free of geopathic factors and with a significant reduction of the impact of gamma radiation, implies a much better metabolic balance, therefore a lower risk of acquiring diseases.


Those who live or sleep inside pyramids have a much greater and better life perspective, a real anti-aging, which has nothing to do with the mere appearance of plastic surgery. Regardless of whether or not we do special diets, sports, etc., which logically contribute even more to ensure results. The pyramid achieves its natural antiaging effect because it strengthens the immune system without producing drug intoxication.

The pyramids have a potent natural antioxidant effect without side effects. Pyramids prolong life in two ways: enhancing good health and delaying cellular aging, without the risks of chemical antioxidants. No side effects, GUARANTEED IN WRITING on our pyramids.

NOTE: We don't know if we can achieve to recover the DNA to the point where it can completely stop the process of aging, or even go back to the optimal state. To the wonderful point of making us immune to this widespread ailment. We suspect that it has already occurred some time in history, not only with individuals but also with groups. But that is a subject that can only be understood when our skeptical character gives up enough to study without prejudice the ancient civilizations, especially the Egyptian one. The "mysteries of the pyramids" that we have resolved until now open up a horizon that for the closed minds and conditioned by the current system is too incredible. What we, current users of pyramids achieve, becomes evident, but it will turn out to be impressive as time goes on.

Piramicasa Gabriel Silva

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