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Bacteriostatic Benefit with Pyramids


Treating a severe infection which has become septicemia or gangrene, has been the most difficult challenge for doctors of all time. Even today, with the number of antibiotics on the market, a patient with gangrene is practically condemned to amputation or death. But amputating the limb doesn't always end the problem, because the bacterial infection is not only in that part but in the whole blood. Avoiding gangrene requires preventive attention to the first symptoms. Preventing the infection from spreading after an amputation requires a more powerful antibiotic administration, which has many side effects and is often insufficient because the patient is already intoxicated, the bacteria have developed new vine-stocks, and the antibiotics become obsolete.

However, what the best antibiotics can't accomplish, is achieved by a well-constructed and oriented pyramid. The best antibiotic to prevent and cure any bacterial infection is the antipyramid modality. Still, the ideal is the constant sleeping in a pyramidal bed.

Although the pyramid is not a Panacea, it is the closest thing we have found, due to the large number of diseases that can cure and the number of ailments that prevent. It is in the smallest known structures of our Universe "subatomic particles" as in the pyramids, where we see the physical effects of harmonization of magnetic fields, and the causes of the biological phenomena.

The physical phenomena that cause the bacteriostatic power of the pyramid are many and not a single factor. Still, the result is an atmosphere where everything tends to be ordered according to the natural magnetic tensions of each atom, therefore the same effect in the order of the molecules, which largely prevents putrefactions.

The ejection of unrelated and free radical particles reduces oxidation in general; there are less cell and bacterial lysis, thus significantly reducing the amount of "loose" gene material, enzymes, and protobios. These microbes and organic organisms form viruses, which in the pyramid virtually cease to exist for lacking the conditions to thrive or associate with the genetic material of our cells.

However, it isn't confirmed that the pyramid is "anti-viral," there are four cases of influenza and virosis of users of pyramidbed, according to their doctors, they were exposed to the infection from people who had the vaccine. Four cases total (among more than 5500 users at the end of 2017), although they didn't have the severity or all the symptoms.

Wherever is no entropy material (putrefaction) digestive decomposition and all the metabolic processes perform in the most natural and infection-free order, so "bad" bacteria extinguish because they can't feed. We have also observed that the conditions for their reproduction are not present in the pyramid since this activity is somehow the entity perceiving when they can or can't ensure the feeding of their offspring.

The saprophytic and parasitic bacteria are not directly destroyed but starved to death within hours. But symbiotic bacteria (those that produce digestion in the intestines, etc.), don't suffer at all. On the contrary, their activity is more harmonious as the infectious bacteria disappear. So sleeping in a pyramid makes it impossible to get flu, bacterial complications in colds, or nose congestion by bacteria.

The pyramid is the best remedy, plus strengthens the immune system without drug intoxication, as well as for its potent bacteriostatic effect. The only way to get flu or a similar state is because of avitaminosis, especially vitamin C deficiency. The pyramids have a physical effect from the Earth's magnetic field, it is not chemical, so there are no risks as with antibiotics. Instead of damaging the immune system, it reinforces it without side effects.

The pyramidal effect is an interaction with the earth's magnetic field that forces matter to function under the most natural and precise patterns of nature. It doesn't matter if it's bird flu, swine flu, H1N1, whatever the virus, if there is no massive lysing of bacteria, they can't be fed and reproduce. The pyramid doesn't allow the reproduction of infectious bacteria because it inhibits putrefaction. Without infectious bacteria, viruses can't eat because there is no gene lysate and dispersion.

One part of the pyramidal antirheumatic effect is the molecular restructuring and functional correction of the stem cells, but another part is the bacteriostatic effect, by preventing bacterial opportunism in small lesions of the synovial capsules.

The number of symbiotic phages and antibodies is reduced spontaneously due to the low incidence of microbiological attacks. Still, the capacity of the reaction of the immune system is much greater, since there is no permanent vital wear, nor many fronts of combat between antigens and invaders.

A bacteriostatic effect not determined by chemical causes is a guarantee of healthiness for thousands of ailments of bacterial etiology, almost impossible to suffer for those who live or at least sleep every night in a pyramid. To the point that users who have slept for several years in pyramids have forgotten what is flu. We can get it because the cold is a physiological reaction, not a disease, but because there are no opportunistic bacteria and no decay of the immune system, it is not possible to "catch the flu."

Viruses need the lysate of many bacteria to extract energy, genetic material and reproduce. When there are none, the viral infection is indirectly eliminated.

Some severe and circumstantial dysfunctions such as a large wound with abundant bacterial intromission, or intestinal constipation, produce organic reactions but are quickly overcome. In such cases, the length of stay in the pyramid should be lengthened, and drinking more water will help any therapy accelerating the reestablishment of health. In cases of Legionella, Shigella sonnei, and various strains of the Yersinia (enterocolitic, pestis, etc.) we recommend naturopathic treatment or antibiotics for those who don't sleep in pyramids, but for the users of pyramids only the naturopathic treatment will do, since even these so aggressive bacteria can only live in the body for a few hours.

If the expression continues or one can't manage to find the origin, reinforcement can be convenient with antibiotics, but up to the moment, we have verified that in several cases of assault of these bacteria, no antibiotics have been used, stoping the infection spontaneously in less than 24 hours (only in persons with several months of sleeping in a pyramid).

NOTE: It's possible for those who sleep in a pyramid to "catch" some infectious syndrome, such as those produced by metals in the teeth, by spines, or particles of foreign bodies. These syndromes, once analyzed the "extracted", we verified that it is pus composed almost exclusively of elements of the own blood and the immune system like leucocytes (lymphocytes and monocytes), macrophages, and other antibodies. So far, the few registered cases of this type of infectious syndrome have been encapsulated without the presence of dangerous bacteria.

The antipyramid, although it is bacteriostatic, has a bactericidal degree (kills or cancels the development of any bacteria), so while the pyramid can be used without contraindications, The antipyramid should be only used by doctors and therapists, or at least with medical supervision respecting the use of the Hygia model.



1.- Drink at least three-quarters of a liter of water (not too cold) in two hours while preparing the medicine.

2.- Grind or liquefy four large lemons (with peel, seeds, whole) and boil them with three-quarters of water in a saucepan (casserole) with a concave lid.

3.- When boiling, invert the lid of the saucepan and set minimum fire. It makes the essence, more oily than water, condense and fall without evaporating.

4.- After an hour or so, the broth has a slightly thicker consistency than milk. Filter and let cool until you can drink, without honey, without sugar, saccharine, or any added.

5.- Lying on the bed with a plastic sheet under the bottom bed-sheet, you have to cover yourself a lot, to avoid loss of heat. It produces a kind of artificial fever, which lasts about three hours. Then the body cools alone. It's time to go to the shower, a hot bath, change the soaked sheets and sleep calmly. You'll wake up like new.

Piramicasa Gabriel Silva

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