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Fibromyalgia Treated with Pyramids

An unknown Etiology?

FIBROMYALGIA is a disease that in many countries, is not officially recognized. Yet, it affects millions of people who suffer from chronic "unexplained" pain under the allopathic medicine of the market, because it fails to solve the problem with pills. And analgesics only destroy the patient's functionality. When the drug reaches its peak of effectiveness, the permanent pain continues despite the medication. Although the official medicine doesn't succeed with the treatment, pyramid therapy hasn't failed so far, nor it will fail because solves the main cause (intermediate etiological), which is the initial physical factor, it helps in the process of integral purification, both in the physical and in the mood. There may indeed be hypochondria associated (possibly in all cases), but it doesn't exclude the physiological factor, and that deserves effective treatment, and not so many medical speculations.

Undoubtedly, it has - as the vast majority of diseases - a psychosomatic basis, a psychological cause (deep etiology) but like all of them, it deserves a physical treatment, since it's demonstrated in sclerotic diseases (and fibromyalgia it is) as well as in rheumatic diseases, that once the process of psychosomatosis is detonated, even though the factors that caused the imbalance of health are reversed, the process of physiological and functional deterioration continues. We explain the why of the total success in recovering patients with fibromyalgia using pyramids.

Many etiologists believe that it's a disease "of unknown etiology, of complex and variable evolution, which causes widespread pain, which in some cases can be crippling ..." as described in many books. The paradox is that they also have no answers for the etiology of rheumatism. However, we have these answers and solutions from the interdisciplinary, attending the psychology, the physics of magnetism, the application of physics to cellular functionality, and what in principle was an empirical success, forced us as in all cases, to seek the answers, the "why."

Fibromyalgia attacks the muscular system in its early stages, but often also compromises the skeletal system, becoming a muscular-skeletal problem, and in some cases what is in principle diagnosed as fibromyalgia, after months or years is diagnosed as multiple sclerosis or in rare cases as ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis). So we may well assume, with a small but sufficient statistical basis in the observation of the processes, that fibromyalgia is the prelude to sclerosis.

We, as well as the Cuban doctors, obtained good results in many patients, without failure. Although we err in the theory of the phenomenon, the important thing is that we are not mistaken in practice. The first person treated in one of our pyramids in 1990 was a fifty-year-old woman who wasn't reliably diagnosed because she was seen by a doctor in a public hospital, who certified "chronic pains, of variable appearance in the osteo-myo-articular system. "Unknown cause." Many years of chronicity." She didn't have the money to buy the prescribed drugs by the doctor, and the samples of painkillers given to her free of charge at the hospital didn't have much effect, apart from damaging her stomach. We allowed her to stay in the same big pyramid in which I had cured my rheuma and ulcerative colitis years before, in exchange for helping her sister, who was our housekeeper.

She had to take - as we did - the discomforts of an extremely potent pyramid, by rapid expulsion of free radicals (a pyramid without "CES" because we were used to the effect). After a week, when she had no more discomfort, reported a lot less pain than before. A little psychological help on my part, to find the "deep etiology," allowed her to solve serious psychological conflicts. Those type of conflicts that are capable of making anyone sick or commit suicide. So a couple of weeks later, she looked like another person. She had proven that her illness was remitting, the pyramid worked as her sister promised, and the resolution of her psychological traumas was an important adjuvant.

Despite the change in her psychology, the pains did not go away completely. She collaborated in the maintenance of the laboratory, so she was paid for her work, and she was able to buy some medicines. I suggested only to buy them if she thought she needed them, but she refrained from doing so because her life was now exciting and the pains were much more tolerable. They continued to remit progressively, to disappear completely after two months. She stayed in the pyramid until the end of the year, and she didn't have the slightest symptom of what affected her for years, making her lose her previous job. At that time, Brazil didn't recognize this as an invalidating physical condition (recognized by the World Health Organization in 1992), but as a problem of hypochondria. It's unfortunate that continues as hypochondria in so many countries. Neither psychologists nor doctors manage to solve the problem, further aggravating it with medications that temporarily mask the symptomatology, to further worsen the general condition of the patient.




The general etiology, from the heterodox point of view for all diseases, has three levels. Psychological, Intermediate, and Effective. The psychological is a constant factor, but in a universe so varied of causes, it's very difficult or impossible to find a common factor in all cases. Intermediate is the level at which the psychosomatosis has affected the functioning of a specific system, organ, or set of cells, causing functional atrophy. In the third level, the Effective, there is a succession of causes and effects, mostly complications such as bacterial opportunism, psychological worsening through despair, anguish at the loss of the faculties that allowed a normal life, etc. As well as the dysfunction caused by the "Intermediate Etiology," there are usually a series of mismatches that are difficult to determine and which are particular to each patient. It doesn't occur to all in the same form, nor with the same intensity.

Fibromyalgia has, as the vast majority of diseases, a "deep etiology" that consists of two parts:

1.- A traumatic event or an undesirable situation, sustained for a long time. Non-vocational work as an example, especially when you have defined skills for another activity, is a daily torture.

2.- The attitude adopted, a choice made at some point that instead of intelligently solving the situation by "changing work," changing life, defending the right to be happy, one enters in the "poor of me." So the subconscious somatizes every "attack," such as the attitude of coworkers, disobedience of the child (or partner), economic poverty, etc. Any of the thousands of situations can trigger the syndrome. Fibromyalgia happens because there is no "urgent need to die" as in cancer, but a need to manifest pain.

Once the process begins, the mind exercises its self-destructive influence on the cells that produce certain liquids on specific proteins, homeostasis, or any cellular or organic process that can manifest the symptom that wants to be manifest. This first physical cause is what we call Intermediate Etiology because it's the first effect of psychological causes and physiological dislocations. Subconsciously, there is a "they are stabbing me," "I want to die," "this has hurt me" (and continues to hurt), and in many cases an "I say that it hurts me to get attention" or "I have pains, to be discharged and paid for disability." All this makes it impossible for allopathic medicine, to determine a common etiology in all cases. This etiological quest based on mechanism will never be successful. It only suits the interests of the pharmaceutical. The truth is that indeed, the syndrome is there, and the disease is declared. Although, in some cases, it's enough to do biodecoding (now called bio-neuro-emotionality), so the symptom disappears when it's incipient still has a problem to solve in the body. Believing that discovering the psychological cause always solves the disease, is like believing that finding the nail on the wheel automatically repairs the tire.

Finding the "deep etiology" guarantees that the problem will not manifest itself in other places, with another syndrome, and it will (but not always) stop the degenerative process consequent to the syndrome. However, the patient has to do a Catharsis, a review of personality, interests, what will do when heals. And he/she must understand how the psychological process led to the imbalance in health, and adopt an attitude that should not always be "contrary" to the previous one, but "different."

So far, we talk about preventing the patient from continuing to get sick, and a psychological correction is essential, so the psychological self-harm won't advance, but we must continue repairing the physical. Here is where we find that within the "Intermediate etiology," are many mechanisms understandable from physics rather than from chemistry or biochemistry. So the Intermediate etiology isn't a simple cause, but a concatenation of phenomena which we will explain in the simplest and clearest possible way.

In any advanced case or with some chronicity, fibromyalgia has already materialized "intermediate etiology." It's found deep in the cytology, or in the nervous system, or in the cells that make synovial fluids (in the case of rheuma) or in the quantitative and qualitative balance of dopamine (a prevalent problem in fibromyalgia) as well as in many other compounds that can be adulterated in their molecular structure by the effect of the mind, especially on the nervous and endocrine systems. So if we want to correct those causes, we have to understand them in their physical dimension. We can't fix a flat tire by improving the oil, getting better gasoline, or cleaning the windshield, but allopathic medicine uses a similar approach when trying to fix things like molecular distortion, by force of drugs. In reality, they don't even try, because laboratories are for the work of making money, not for healing people.

Knowing this only helps us to focus on things without the false "principle of authority" awarded to the medicine of the market. What eliminates the deep etiology, and therefore cures the disease, is the correction of primary physical factors, which are not chemicals in fibromyalgia or almost any ailment. In order of incidence:

a. Magnetic factors at a quantum, atomic and molecular scale determine the functioning at a cellular and organic level. One of these factors, perhaps the most important but not the only one, is called Biomagnetic Pair. Whenever there is an organic imbalance, there is a magnetic imbalance in the body, which can be local or integral, or integral with preeminence in some local points. In fibromyalgia, this is integral, but with a variable location of points of greatest magnetic imbalance.

b. The second factor is called pH, the balance between acidity and alkalinity, measured in a table from 0 to 14, with 7 being the neutral value. But keep in mind that human skin has pH 5.5 acidity, while many internal organs need more or less than seven at any given time, others have to have a permanent value. For example, the inside of the stomach should have very different acidity, depending on the functions it performs at any given time. The alkalinity of 5.5 maintained after a meal, is equivalent to indigestion, while a maintained acidity of 1 once completed the first digestive phase, is equal to vomiting acid and almost always a risk of stomach ulcer.

c. Vibrating frequencies. If the body is in a general atomic oscillation range close to 440 Hz, it's very difficult to be unbalanced, however, if it's unbalanced, a good part of the homeostasis (general and cellular) can be recovered by induction of this frequency.

These three points are valid for all higher organisms. It happens that viruses can't live in a medium with these atomic oscillations. They need a discordant frequency (and as far as possible from 440 Hz) to take advantage of the weakness that these frequencies cause to the cells. In the case of fibromyalgia, there is usually no viral or bacterial opportunism, but there are many sequelae when this problem is not appropriately addressed.

Our pyramids (to sleep in) perform a magnetic pairing on a general scale, which although using only 0.5 Gauss, which is the intensity of the earth's magnetic field, is sufficient to produce a rebalancing of the generalized Biomagnetic Pair, which is slow. Within the natural range, our pyramids don't have the risks of magnetic pair therapy, used in many hospitals and clinics around the world. These devices will be replaced progressively by pyramidal beds.

The second factor, "pH," is not resolved so quickly with a pyramid, although it contributes to this. But it's not a subject directly linked to fibromyalgia.

The third factor, the 440 Hz, is also solved by the pyramid and in a spectacular way when the materials are appropriate, such as the materials we use, generating a magnetic field with a resonance at 440 Hz, apart from all the other benefits of well-built pyramids. If you study the pyramidal effect in some depth, it won't sound so "weird" to cure fibromyalgia in weeks or at most months.

For the treatment of fibromyalgia, a normal Pyramidbed (structural and not closed) will do the work. Still, we recommend the Hercules model, about four times more powerful.

Piramicasa Gabriel Silva

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