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"Each teacher has his little book," but in pyramidology, we are absolutely pragmatic; mere theories are worthless, neither in pyramidology nor in any of the associated disciplines.

For the experts or at least connoisseurs of geobiology, let's summarize THE ENTIRE PYRAMID IS GREEN NEGATIVE when it works properly.

Is negative green bad?

NO, in any case, as long as there is PARAMAGNETISM and not FERROmagnetism or DIAmagnetism.

So what is Negative Green or, rather, what produces it?

It's only an activity factor. It's not even an "intensity" or a "quality" of radiation but a perception of the quantum movement by the operator.

Trained dowsers notice something different, they perceive a current, a phenomenon that they can't explain or understand, and I was only able to understand it thanks to the work of two quantum physicists. It wouldn't be impossible to understand anything about the pyramid effect without them.

The understanding of theory allows us to do better in practice, but I repeat my favorite phrase: "Practice without theory can be one-eyed ... But theory without practice is absolutely blind."

The Master who taught me this phrase was Alberto Müller, and he handled the rods very well. He was the one who introduced me to dowsing, and we were already talking about negative green as a too contradictory thing among the main writers on the subject. Today we know that: THE NEGATIVE GREEN IS A SENSATION OF THE RADIESTHESIST, not radiation, intensity, etc.

When a pyramid works at any size (sometimes natural factors such as water pyramids, ground crystals, etc., all with a pyramidal shape even if it is microscopic), we have a constant induction of particles from the quantum to the atomic plane. Mainly it is neutrinos, although there is a small percentage of others.

This happens because there is a "negative" force that is attractive towards the center, tending to the quantum vacuum (although it is impossible actually to produce that vacuum).

When we combine pure factors of the geomagnetic field (Hartmann lines, Curry lines, and the "knots" that form this, with other factors such as water, minerals, or a big Pyramid, we have a very healthy "negative green." Hartmann knots -Curry stops being harmful when covered by a pyramid that works well or water and minerals when they change their intensity.

Fraternal hugs

Gabriel Osiris

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