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Relaxant Benefit with Pyramids

The effect of nervous and muscular relaxation produced by a well-constructed and installed pyramid is mainly due to two phenomena:

1.- The nervous system, having its atomic and molecular matter well structured by the physical effect of surfactant, allows better circulation of electric-nervous energy, thus avoiding electrostatic accumulation in the cells that compose it. Most of the "nervous tension" (nervousness, hysterical alteration, and all the displeasures of "being nervous") in its physiological etiology correspond to a disordered accumulation of electrostatics in the cells that compose the nervous system, either in its central parts and or peripheral. In fact, if there is an accumulation superior to the very small levels proper to the structure of the nervous system, it is already a problem because the electric energy must circulate whenever it has to, not to accumulate.

The accumulated tension in the central nervous system usually causes severe problems, while electrostatic accumulation in the peripheral nervous system is less severe but more symptomatic, manifests more as localized discomfort and pain. While the peripheral nervous system is stimulated and improved with massages, the electromagnetic accumulation of the central nervous system can hardly improve with massages, being acupuncture more appropriate. However, the effect of the pyramid occurs in all the body matter; therefore, it reaches the most profound areas, within the brain, in the bones, and even the most central cells of the marrow. The unlocking that produces the pyramid is an effect of the atomic and molecular restructuring; therefore, it occurs slowly, taking minutes or hours. It is not so rapid as the stimulation for acupuncture, but it is deeper, complete, and lasts much more.

2.- The relaxation or tension of muscle mass is usually directly linked to the activity and state of the nervous system. The peripheral nervous system is inextricably bound to the muscular. The nerve terminals are dispersed throughout the muscle mass and end up a micron from the skin surface, so that its molecular rearrangement and consequent cellular harmonization, will lead to deep muscle relaxation. But it must be borne in mind that the same phenomenon occurs at the same time in muscle mass, also releasing it from tensions or - better said - balancing them for correct organic functioning, so there is no mystery in the rapid relaxation that occurs in the whole organism.

It's interesting to note that pyramid energy (or pyramid effect, as has been reported in Cuba to avoid misgivings of some physicists thrown as linguists), produces the highest number of known simultaneous therapeutic effects, because - as we explained before - its function is due to the quantum, atomic and molecular tensioactivation.

The quantum subparticles produce quantum completeness in atoms, and atoms are stripped of subparticles that are not in perfect gravitational order relative to each other. These atoms' tension activated from the completeness and selective ordering of their quantum components makes the molecules that compose much more difficult to break. At the same time, the intermolecular bonds strengthen for the same reason. In addition to the elimination of free radicals in the pyramidal field, organic molecules are not so easy to oxidize or break.

So, understanding the cause of the relaxing effect of the pyramid: It's the quantum, atomic and molecular tensioactivation, which prevents the electrostatic accumulation in the body.

Piramicasa Gabriel Silva

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