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Sprains Treated with Pyramids


The best treatment for fast sprain healing is with pyramids. For this particular case, antipyramid 50 minutes per session, with two hours of an interval, four daily sessions. Two days of treatment in mild sprains, up to a week when there is a cracking of bone, without plaster, except when there is a fracture.

To heal a sprain with conventional therapies promoted by the pharmacopeia, the medicine of the market that instead of healing seeks to prolong agonies, so people consume more medications, involving anti-inflammatories, antibiotics, painkillers and stomach protectors to avoid collateral damages from the previous ones, the patient should remain a couple of weeks plastered (cast) in mild cases and up to a month in more severe cases.

If you have a pyramid model Hygia (80 cm wide and 10 kg weight) or even a Horus model 60 cm wide and 6.7 kg, the therapy will consist of four sessions of fifty minutes a day, with a total of two days for mild cases and up to one week in more severe cases.

Elite athletes and their promoters know very well that a sprain can cost a lot of money, not so much for the therapy itself, but for the absence at the games, which can cause millionaire losses in some cases. But also walkers, cyclists, mountaineers, amateur athletes of all disciplines, are temporarily disabled if they suffer a sprain, which usually has recurrences, effects, and discomfort in the longer term. With our pyramids, this whole problem is history.



But that's not all, because:

1.- DOES NOT NEED ANTIBIOTICS: The problem in almost all cases of sprain is bacterial opportunism, bacteria gets through the interstices of the skin, through distended ligaments, and thrive at will. However, with the application of the pyramid, that doesn't happen. In the interior, the effect is bacteriostatic, but in these cases, we apply the antipyramid (under the pyramid), which effects are also bacteriostatic but, at the same time, slightly bactericide of a vast spectrum.

2.- DOES NOT NEED ANTI-INFLAMMATORIES: Both pyramid and antipyramid effects produce correction of molecular structures, starting with the most malleable ones, such as water and, consequently, all organic liquids. Even without the possibility of a bacterial attack, inflammation would only be the result of liquids spreading due to physiological damage, but the molecular restructuring of the body added to the revitalizing effect explained in another section, reduces inflammation in a few minutes, until it disappears, remaining in the logical values of the entropy of the lesion, which implies to be in less than 15% of the volumes of normal inflammation. Even this level of inflammation will almost always disappear after a full day of treatment, four sessions of fifty minutes each, even when there is a bone injury.

3.- NO NEED OF ANALGESICS: The rapid reduction of inflammation and the impossibility of bacterial infection are already important factors in the reduction of pain, but pyramidotherapy is also a form of natural magnetotherapy (using the half Gauss of the Earth's magnetic field in the atmosphere,) so it produces nervous and muscular toning, contributing drastically to pain reduction. The CENAMENT (National Center of Natural and Traditional Medicine) of Cuba also certified the sedative effect.

4.- NO RELAPSE: If the treatment is carried out promptly, without empty sessions, at the established times and with the adequate duration, without abandoning the treatment even if the patient experiences symptomatic improvement from the first session, the recovery will be so absolute that will be no relapse or subsequent discomfort.

People who sleep in pyramids will rarely have a sprain of such seriousness, since the blood, the organic liquids, and each molecule of our body, is in optimal biological conditions and physiological functioning, so mild and medium sprains usually represent only a passing discomfort of a few minutes, and at most a few hours. Taking care when walking, every symptom will disappear spontaneously. If there is a crack of bones, then we can opt for a few days of rest, with sessions of antipyramid. Doctors who don't know this therapy are astonished when seeing the recovery rate of patients treated with pyramids, even when they've been unnecessarily plastered.

In any case - even when plaster is recommended because of fractures or cracks - the plaster should be fixed after the second session with antipyramid, to do so with the foot already unswelled. This therapy far exceeds any treatment with home remedies, pharmacological, physiotherapeutic, etc. In its actual pyramid form (sleeping in the pyramid), there is no prevention, contraindications, or risk of side effects. In the antipyramid mode, if the directions given are respected, there are also no side effects or antagonism with any other therapeutic applications. Some doctors in Cuba complement this with peloids (mud application) to accelerate even more the healing process.

Piramicasa Gabriel Silva

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