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Buying Pyramids "Sekhmet" & "Vital"

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

There are some confusions when buying our pyramids Sekhmet and Vital; in this article, I clarify the important process to purchase, construction, and what you are actually paying for.

The product that Piramicasa offers

First, I want to mention that the Club of investigation Osiris is formed by physicists, mathematicians, several biologists, and doctors in different areas, all directed by Gabriel Silva, who in 2000 contact Dr. Ulises Sosa Salinas, learning that Cuban doctors had been treating patients for several years with pyramids. In 2001, they decided to lunch their discoveries to the world, creating Piramicasa.

So without mystical dilutions, exaggerations, pseudo-esotericism

or pseudoscience, Piramicasa offers to its clients no Pyramids but Scientific Assistance and Material Contribution for Pyramid Construction.

Scientific Assistance and Material Contribution

As Gabriel Silva says, Any material used in the manufacture of pyramids will produce an effect if given the conditions of proportion, orientation, etc. Still, like anything that works, the use of inappropriate material can cause damage.

The material has to be "paramagnetic" to achieve the expected effects. Paramagnetic materials can be used alone or combined. Piramicasa provides, besides Scientific Assistance, high purity aluminum material, the product of years of investigation.

Now, I explain the process when you hire our services of Scientific Assistance and Material Contribution for building a pyramid Sekhmet or a Vital.

Process of hiring our Services

Imagine that you want to build a pyramid in your land. You contact us with any questions you might have and share with us the exact spot using google maps where you want your pyramid.

We check that spot on Piramicasa's maps to ensure there are no anomalies and see how far it is from the Isogone.

We go back to you with the cost of the Material Contribution shipped to your land or if we have to find a different spot to build the pyramid due to strong anomalies.

Once everything is clear, we agree on the method of payment and the shipping date.

After payment, we send you the blueprints with precise specifications on building and orienting the base where the pyramid will stand. It will take one week to build and one or two to dry while Piramicasa works on the aluminum and the blueprints with your requirements.

Once the aluminum is extruded and the angles cut, we contact you to let you know when the container will arrive at your land. We also send you the blueprints and an estimate on materials and labor to buy and hire locally.

Pyramid Vital EXAMPLE (11x11 meters)

Base: 3600 euros

Structure welding: 5700 euros (material and labor)

15 mm exterior marine board: 7300 euros

Internal tongue and groove or phenolic: 7300 euros

Special silicone outer cover in two layers: 4400 euros

Thermo-acoustic insulation between surfaces: 2200 euros

Windows, doors, and interior partitions: 3600 euros

Electrical and sanitary installation (labor and appliances): 4000 euros

Total carpentry labor: 5900 euros

Total labor and materials: 44000 euros

Vital Pyramid kit (The soul of the Pyramid): 74000 euros

Shipping: 35000 euros

The final cost for your pyramid Vital: 153000 euros

The shipping includes the aluminum extruded and cut, the right welding machine for our aluminum, and the CES—the same process for the Sekhmet as for the Vital. Our Architect will be in constant contact via video from beginning to end of the construction with the person you place in charge of the building.


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