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Multiple Sclerosis Treated with Pyramids

Every ailment has a psychosomatic component.

There is an effective treatment for sclerosis and fibromyalgia, but there are some interests that prevent this knowledge from reaching those affected.

To say to those affected by multiple sclerosis that is incurable is - like many things in mercantilist medicine - an unjust sentence, and an attack against science and humanity. Incredibly, there are forums of assumptions of affected by multiple sclerosis, who refuse to post our messages and comments on using pyramids to treat and ultimately cure their ailment successfully. We wonder if the "Pharmafia" administrates those forums, or maybe people like to be so sick, that refuse to accept even the possibility of an effective cure.

How can the sick trust more in those who say that there is "no cure" than in those who have shown concrete results?

We are not whom to determine to what extent people "deserve" to be sick, as some mystical philosophies propose. We understand that multiple sclerosis or ALS, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or any similar symptom is a physical problem. Still, we wonder what level of incidence has in the brain as to produce the psychological aberration to rely on the medicine that evicts them, instead of trusting or at least investigating other possibilities.

In Cuba, several years ago, Julio Rego, (we talk about him concerning his complication more than multiple, because in addition to sclerosis, suffered various forms of rheumatism), was condemned to a wheelchair for the rest of his life, and spent two years in that "almost agony." He didn't surrender to the illness or live in a wheelchair. He wasn't willing to accept the disease. That seemed to him an aberration, and as a good Cuban, warrior, fighter, worthy heir of the Hispanic line that holds "dead, rather than slave," decided to try all alternatives, no matter how far-fetched they seemed.

He realized that his case wasn't as many people with multiple sclerosis, who "want to be sick" (unfortunately a fact on many people in Europe and the US to not lose a state's pay), and that perhaps his case was a genetic inheritance, by organic dysfunction produced by his work, or any other variant. But he was determined to heal himself, to escape from his wheelchair, to live again like a normal person.

Now he's not only living a normal life but is also treating - with support, monitoring, and checking of several doctors - many other patients with multiple sclerosis and advanced rheumatic problems, achieving the same results he achieved with himself.

You have to keep in mind that his pyramid has a very high iron content (Cuba doesn't have the aluminum that we have in Spain), so you can't sleep in a pyramid with that material.

However, disciplined and limited sessions to what doctors like Dr. Ulises Sosa Salinas, Daniel Sayas, Carlos Delgado, and other comrades with decades of experience and thousands of patients treated, allowed Julio to recover not only his mobility but to save his life and help others overcome multiple sclerosis, instead of remaining in resignation "for the rest of their lives." We can't live thinking that we can die, we must live with plans and projects until the last day of our lives. Maybe that's what makes some people find a way to get rid of those conditions.



All the ailments have a psychosomatic component, sometimes as a trigger, other times as a total manifestation. Even infections, unless they are viral invasions that exceed the limits of the immune system's capacity. But degenerative ailments are composed of psychosomatic factors, sometimes having a physical and or biological trigger. Multiple sclerosis, for example, is a full manifestation of a psychosomatosis. The trigger is usually located very deep in the subconscious.

The etiology at its secondary level (once the first symptoms appear) is a series of disorders in various molecular structures, especially in hormones, which are trapped in the intercellular spaces of nerves and muscles. That's the part that the pyramid can solve. But the unresolved emotional and mental part continues to generate the problem, continues to affect the production of these molecularly distorted hormones.

So we have a picture that under orthodox medicine has no solution, because it tries to reduce only part of the symptoms, especially with corticosteroids, increasing molecular disasters in various parts of the body, delaying or inhibiting what had achieved the pyramidal effect or any other therapy.

In the statistics, we have good success with pyramidal treatment, especially using the Hercules model, in people with incipient sclerosis. However, we have a case in which the psychosomatosis was maintained, and the patient didn't only not achieved the expected result, but it was worse. Although the process was much slower than usual in patients with multiple sclerosis, the objective wasn't achieved because the person didn't change anything in the deep and primary etiology, which is purely emotional and mental.

We cannot give much data due to the privacy policy, but the case showed us that without a deep catharsis, not even the pyramid with all its magnificent power, manages to reverse a situation where the powerful mind imposes its manifestations on the body.

The case we had in Portugal was possibly easier to solve because the patient had very marked aggravation and improvement peaks, not progressive. Symptomatic outbreaks were extreme and equally extreme were the improvements he got with massages and antipyramid, and especially when he felt loved, well attended, and understood.

But of course, the physical solution provided by the pyramid must be parallel with removing the deep cause, which is mistreatment in childhood, decades of diminishing from part of the family, especially the father, the creation of an "I'm Inferior," "poor of me," "I'm useless."

Other few users treated, also difficult, but more "normal," with slow progressive improvement, many relapses that last a few days until the person returned to their internal mental and emotional process of Catharsis. On the side of orthodox medicine, neither the possibility of molecular restructuring nor the psychological part is taken into account, and therein the problem of "incurable" diseases.

The statistics at the beginning of 2018 reflect only one case in which no improvement in multiple sclerosis was achieved, and we understand that the problem rests in the psychological part, (apart from the fact that the user has used the pyramid permanently) since our collaboration. Doctors could not treat the engrams. However, the case is still in progress, and we can't consider it to be a failure of the pyramid due to the lack of information reported.

Piramicasa Gabriel Silva

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