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NOTE:     Our prices are orientative, they include shipping costs, and they will variate from country to country and from region to region. Our prices do not include importation tax that the client may have to pay in some cases. Please contact us for a final price.


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Pyramid "Vital": C$150000




1) Pyramidal structure in aluminum of extreme metallic purity.

2) Grill of Discharge or Control System of Effects.

3) Right Soldering machine.

4) Detailed blueprints for construction, electrical, and water pipes.


We also provide the client with online research of materials and labor in the area, so they know the Pyramid's total cost.


Example of an estimate of labor and materials:


Base: C$3000
Structure welding: C$4000 (material and labor)
15 mm exterior marine board: C$10000
Internal tongue and groove or phenolic: C$10000
Special silicone outer cover in two layers: C$4000
Thermo-acoustic insulation between covers: C$3000
Windows, doors, and interior partitions: C$3000
Electrical and sanitary installation (labor and appliances): C$3000
Total carpentry labor: C$4200

Total labor and materials: C$44200 (This can be dramatically reduced)
Total Pyramid kit (The soul of the Pyramid): C$150000


Final Cost: C$194200

Pyramid "Vital"


    The "Vital" model is 11x11 meters, meaning 121 m² of a ground floor and 7 meters of total height. The upper level has 25 m² useful.


    Qualities and accessories of the Pyramid Vital.


    Two floors. Two bedrooms on the ground floor. The second floor is a bedroom or office with another bathroom.


    Aluminum structure (and combination of solid and laminated wood) with aluminum assembly pieces. Thermo-acoustic insulation panel walls, with ceramic exterior cover with various aesthetic options and colors, in slate, Spanish tile, American tile, stones such as marble or artificial or natural granite, ..., according to the characteristics of the landscape, climatic conditions, pluvial regime and landscape demands of the diverse Spanish communities and of other countries.


    Optional exterior stone base, according to the client's aesthetic criteria, up to 60 cm.


    Solid main door and rest of the carpentry in wood and aluminum. Doors made of wood.


    Windows: Velux and Climalit glass, distributed according to place and architectural criterion.


    The grill of discharge for Pyramids CES (Control Effects System).


    Distribution of interiors: Depending on the land's location to take advantage of the sun, winds, etc. And according to family composition. Partition walls are also made of thermo-acoustic panels of wood on both sides or dry mineral agglomerate, depending on the region and or design convenience.


    The option for a garage and a laundry room under the pyramid. As corresponds to the antipyramid, staying in the area is only safe with the CES prepared for this purpose, which is different from the standard grill in a Pyramidhouse without a basement.


    Lightning conductor approved (optional, not included).


    Facilities: electricity, sanitary, TV cabling, telephony, etc.


    Two bathrooms on the ground floor, one in the suite. A basic bathroom on the upper level. Washbasin, toilet, bidet, and hydromassage cabin (including whirlpool option). Single lever faucet.


    This basic model can be attached with important advantages, forming larger models such as GIBUR (two attached pyramids), GIZE-4 (four attached pyramids,) or complemented with pyramid model SEKHMET in itself constitutes a complete habitat with different options.


    OPTIONS: Jacuzzi, different windows, blinds, or other accessories. It can also be built ready to be converted into Faraday Cage, against the risk of solar electromagnetic storms.


    Term: One week after the base is made, the pyramid will be assembled—approximate construction time: about 30 days (depends on weather and construction options).

    • STEP 1
      Initial contact

      - Once you have chosen a product; Contact us by email with any questions you may have.


      STEP 2

      - We get back to you and communicate until everything is clear.

      - We determine the dates for payment and shipping or installation, depending on the case.


      STEP 3
      Payment & Shipping

      - Once made the payment via Bank transfer, MoneyGram, Western Union or Paypal depending on the case, we proceed to send or install the pyramids according to the agreed date.

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