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Africadia a village of pyramids Part 1

First, I want to thank all the individuals who trust and use Piramicasa's pyramids. Africadia is being created to provide the same opportunity to those who trust but can't buy our products.



The plan is simple. I will be transparent; therefore, you'll need to know where I stand.

Africadia is 100% independent from Vital Pyramid, Piramicasa, or the Osiris Group.


Here is the plan:

On April first, I'll be traveling with all my things, two plants and two fish, from Montreal, Quebec, to Hampstead, New Brunswick, where Elm Hill is located. There will still be some snow on the ground, so in mid-time, I will make sure I have electricity and an internet connection since I'll be "in the woods."

Elm Hill

I'm freelancing as an Elearning developer, so that's my only source of income right now. Click here if you ever need me for that.

I will donate every dollar I have left (after paying bills) to Africadia every month, sometimes more than others. That's why your donations are so important to determine how fast I can move (I should say, we). This takes me to the non-profit foundation.

The non-profit foundation

So, a foundation was already created. Here is the explanation I received:

The Afro-Canadian Cry Freedom Association is a non-profit organization that mobilizes individuals to protect their collective and individual rights. The ACCFA is a political Association incorporated in Montreal.
The Black Rock Center was founded to provide leisure as well as recreational activities and programs aimed at developing the complete health of its members, which includes: mental, physical, social, emotional, as well as spiritual well-being. This means improving their overall living conditions. BLCK is registered in New Brunswick through the Association/ACCFA for the same purpose mentioned above but using a non-political approach.
Note: We establish BLCK as a charity to organize and create a wide range of projects, programs, and activities for the betterment of our members, all the while raising funds needed to meet our organizational goals. For example, Africadia.
(Africadia is not an incorporated or registered organization/association; it is a building project such as a program or activity)

Some things are not very clear in my head, but nothing is definitive. For example, the ACCFA and the BLCK were created many years ago and haven't been active; all taxes paid, but inactive. This is the main reason why I made this agreement with my friend. He has the land and foundation, and I have a unique project.

Right now, I'm studying and trying to understand non-profit foundations. I prefer physics, but I feel that my friend is missing some details on how to run it. Plus, I won't move forward if I'm not on the board of members.

Clear the land and generate revenue.

Let's make the long story short since the order is subject to changes. Assuming that all of the above is settled, but the donations and volunteers are minimum, it will go like this:

  1. Find a place and clear that specific area to build a circular wooden cabin with a Pyramidbed and kitchenette.

  2. Build a temporary outhouse nearby the circular wooden cabin.

At this point, I can rent the cabin and collect some revenue from it. I can also add antipyramid treatments and seminars in nearby community places.

  1. Find a place and clear that specific area to build a second circular wooden cabin with a Pyramidbed Hercules and kitchenette.

  2. Build a temporary second outhouse nearby the second circular wooden cabin.

  3. Clear and design the rest of the village.

  • Research garden (farming, alternative energies)

  • Residential garden

To be continued...

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