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Africadia a Village of Pyramids Part 2

Goals are moving targets. I had a second meeting about the Foundation and will adjust the plan accordingly.

I still want to be part of the Foundation's board of members; however, I plan to set up an International foundation in a couple of years. But we can get the project going; the land is ready for use. The money I will put into the project will be destined for the Pyramid Research Garden, where apart from plant and seed experiments, I want to perform other experiments and ideas on energy production. So the first pyramid for rent will probably be in the research area.

I've made a Patreon page if you like to support this research:

Although I prefer to navigate under the radar, I will do my best to produce content for you every week.

The Foundation's role is to bring money into the project in general, and that money must generate revenue.

The project's core is to host a community of individuals who want to live and learn the benefits of nature and pyramids, figuring out the most harmonious way of cohabitating with the surroundings.

Scenario A

  • The Foundation managed to buy a pyramid Sekhmet.

  • The pyramid is installed in Africadia and ready to rent to generate revenue.

Scenario B

  • You buy a pyramid Sekhmet (Aluminum structure and shipping).

  • The pyramid is installed in Africadia.

  • The Foundation pays for walls, base, etc.

  • You can live in your pyramid or rent it to generate revenue (conditions apply).

  • You can take your pyramid away from Africadia at any time.

We can say that Africadia will consist of three areas:

  1. Research

  2. Rental

  3. Community

Once the International Foundation is formed, we can do this in any country. But as I said, goals are moving targets.

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